Call for participants: HCI Fieldwork in healthcare – creating a graduate guidebook (a CHI 2013 workshop) cc @sig_chi

CHI+MED researchers on the programme and co-ordination committees are in bold in the list below. See also our CHI 2013 workshop on Safer interaction in medical devices.


CHI 2013 workshop – HCI Fieldwork in Healthcare – Creating a Graduate Guidebook

Call for Papers: Submissions due 7th January


**This CHI 2013 workshop aims to produce a graduate guidebook on HCI Fieldwork in Healthcare**


HCI Fieldwork in Healthcare – Creating a Guidebook
April 27 or 28 (to be confirmed)
in conjunction with CHI 2013:


Performing fieldwork in healthcare settings is significantly different to other domains and it presents unique challenges to researchers. There are issues in terms of negotiating ethics, gaining access and knowing where to study; there are challenges in being an outsider in private places that are emotionally charged, with potential for patient nudity and invasive procedures; there are challenges for high-risk innovation and measuring research impact. Whilst results are reported in research papers, the details of how to actually perform these fieldwork studies are not.


This workshop will bring together a diverse selection of research and researchers who do fieldwork in clinical and non-clinical settings: e.g. hospital, homecare and with mobile technology. It will focus on producing a graduate guidebook for HCI fieldwork in healthcare (published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers). Case studies that are submitted by participants will be selected and revised to form one volume of the book. Participants will be expected to co-author thematic chapters that crosscut these case studies to draw out issues and lessons learnt for the second volume of the book.


We invite researchers in all disciplines who do fieldwork in healthcare to submit a 3-6 page case study that focuses on methodology and research experience rather than results. Please also send a cover letter which should include (1) a brief biography of the participant written in the third person (100 words), (2) how they will benefit from participation (100 words) and (3) what they will contribute (100 words). Along with the reviews of the case studies from the program committee, the cover letters will be used by the organisers in the acceptance decisions and the brief biographies will be posted on the website to facilitate connections between participants before the workshop.


Please direct any questions to and submit your paper and cover letter through the website:


Programme Committee
Gregory Abowd – Georgia Technical Institute, Atlanta, USA
Ken Catchpole – Cedars Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles, USA
Gavin Doherty – Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Geraldine Fitzpatrick- TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
Josette Jones – Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA
Tom Owen – Swansea University, Swansea, Wales
Atish Rajkomar – University College London, London, UK
Madhu Reddy – Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA
Mark Rouncefield – Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
Penelope Sanderson – The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia
Robert Wears – University of Florida, Jacksonville, USA
Stephanie Wilson – City University London, London, UK


Co-ordination Committee
Dominic Furniss – University College London, UK
Aisling O’Kane – University College London, UK
Rebecca Randell – University of Leeds, UK
Svetlena Taneva – Healthcare Human Factors Group, Toronto, Canada
Helena Mentis – Harvard Medical School, US
Ann Blandford – University College London, UK

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