Meeting: Devices and human factors, Royal College of Physicians, 4 Feb 2013 – free #ptsafety

Tully Meeting 3
Royal College of Physicians, London, 4 February 2013 (see map below)
Devices and human factors

Tully Meetings bring together leading Computer Scientists and other experts to engage with Healthcare Professionals to critically and creatively explore solutions to safety and efficiency difficulties in healthcare.

For Tully 3, we are focusing on the safety of technology and health care. We would like to hear of examples where technology has unexpectedly led to disaster and then explore potential safety aspects of technologies in the hospital of the future, with the aim of identifying soluble problems. In particular, computers, the cloud and other computer technologies are often seen as the solution to problems in healthcare, but many high-tech “solutions,” have had disappointing results or have even been counter-productive. Worse, clinicians at the sharp end — who press the buttons — are often blamed, rather than the design of the system. It is an international, vexing problem that needs addressing with new thinking. 

Tully Meetings not only prioritise and highlight problems, but also develop personal networks to foster innovative thinking and to action solutions. Previous Tully Meetings fed into the Royal College of Physician’s influential Future Hospital Commission.

To apply to attend, please email Vicky Hurst with: A brief explanation of why you wish to attend and how you feel you can contribute, and A brief (about 200 word) story of a design issue or incident concerning a medical device.


Early career researchers are particularly welcome.
Previous Tully Meetings have been over-subscribed.


There is no cost for registered delegates to attend a Tully Meeting, but we do not provide travel or accommodation. Note that the meeting will open at 9:30 with coffee for a 10am formal start, and will run to approximately 5pm; we would expect full attendance.


Tully Meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule to facilitate a free and frank discussion.
A Certificate of Attendance can be provided.


Summary of earlier Tully Meetings


Tully Meetings are supported by Swansea University, in conjunction with the Royal College of  Physicians, with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


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