A collection of tweets from various conferences – Storify

Conferences last only for a few days but tools like Storify let you capture some of the discussions – well the ones that happened on social media at least. We have two fairly large listings of conferences around the world that are relevant to the interests of people on CHI+MED – this includes patient safety, medical device design, computer science, ergonomics and public engagement / science communication.

One listing is for conferences and workshops that are coming up, the other is for conferences and workshops that have already happened.

Increasingly conferences and events are exploiting social media more fully – many have an official Twitter account, also a dedicated conference hashtag, some have a Facebook or LinkedIn page too.

Hashtags let event organisers (and delegates who are tweeting) reach a much wider audience than just the delegates attending – and of course it lets ‘the audience at home’ reach the delegates and conference organisers too. Sometimes the tweets give a flavour of an event (people post photographs of their namebadges and lanyards, or what’s in their goodie bags!) but a huge amount of useful information is shared in these tweets, particularly where people link to a document or highlight a useful website etc.

With that in mind we’ve been collecting (1) some tweets together from a few conferences, using Storify (2), and adding a link to the relevant conference on our previous conferences page.

The ones we have some tweets for so far (copied from the previous conferences page) are below – click on the blue Storify Storify of event tweets icon next to each conference listing to view the Storified tweets. The other blue icons indicate Twitter Twitter icon, Facebook Facebook icon or LinkedIn LinkedIn icon pages.

If you have a collection of tweets, and other media, from a Storify story or similar (it’s easy to embed tweets directly into blogs too) for a relevant conference please send it our way – you can contact us on Twitter at @chi_med or leave a comment below – thank you.

(1) this can be done during or after the conference is finished but note that Twitter’s search facility only shows the previous week of tweets so best not to leave it too long
(2) if you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can use it to log in to Storify and start collecting tweets or anything on the web

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