Reblogged from AAMI blog: Making infusion pumps more user centric, from @aami_connect

Highlighting the September 2012 workshop report: “Infusion Pump Workshop 2012: A Systems Engineering Approach for Human Factors Solutions“.

“If the January issue of AAMI News didn’t whet your appetite to learn more about an important infusion pump project at Johns Hopkins, I hope this blog post will. A report –37 pages of text, plus appendices — captures the input provided by clinicians and other experts to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (JHAPL) last year on how to improve large-volume infusion pumps to make them more user centric. The report should be required reading for anyone in the pump business, anyone who wants to understand why human factors matter with  healthcare technology, or anyone who wants to better understand a systems approach to product design. Here’s a link to the report.”

Read the full story from Mary Logan (president of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) at the AAMI blog: Making Infusion Pumps More User Centric.

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