UK television: “How to avoid mistakes in surgery” Thur 21 March, 9pm, BBC2 w @Kevin_Fong #horizon

Edit 22 March 2013: the programme is available to watch again (for UK viewers) for the next three weeks from the BBC iPlayer site.

How to avoid mistakes in surgery in which Kevin Fong looks at human factors in healthcare – BBC2, 9pm, 21 March 2013.

“Dr Kevin Fong examines what can be done to reduce the number of mistakes being made by surgeons in the operating theatre. Speaking to professionals in high-pressure careers – including airline pilots, firemen and Formula One pit workers – he explores the coping mechanisms they each employ when faced with emergency situations, and looks at how these tactics could be transferred to the world of surgery.”
Information from RadioTimes.

This episode arose after Martin Bromiley (whose wife died after surgical error) contacted Dr Fong about the possibility of making a programme about human factors in healthcare.

This will be shown on BBC2 this Thursday (21 March 2013) at 9pm for viewers in England, Scotland and Wales. It will be shown in Northern Ireland on BBC2 Northern Ireland on the same night at 11.20pm and repeated on Thursday 26 March on BBC2 (not shown in Wales) also at 11.20pm.

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CHI+MED are co-ordinating two workshops at CHI 2013 (Paris, April/May 2013).

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Further reading
CHI+MED looks at several areas of human factors research to help reduce errors in healthcare including:

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