New AHRQ report clarifies which safety strategies work & how best to use them – reblogged from @CCAVoice

Excerpt from: Guest Post: New AHRQ Report Clarifies which Safety Strategies Work and How Best to Use Them | Voice of Population Health  (7 March 2013) via @CCAVoice

“Knowing what steps to take to make care safer for your patients just got a little easier. A new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality identifies 22 patient safety strategies that are proven to be effective and provides information on how they work best so they can be adapted to local needs.

The report, Making Health Care Safer ll, An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices, includes reviews of the strength and quality of evidence for 41 patient safety strategies and identifies those that have the strongest evidence of effectiveness. The reviews also include evidence about context, implementation and adoption to help clinicians understand what works, how to apply it and under what circumstances it works best.”

Chapter 6 on Smart Pumps and Other Protocols for Infusion Pumps may be of particular interest to those working on the CHI+MED project, as well as our readers.

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