[Training course, Oxford] Human Factors, Teamwork & Communication [in a surgical environment], 13-17 May 2013

The University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education is offering this short course – more information at the course page.

“The Human Factors, Teamwork and Communication course introduces the principles of Human Factors science as applied to the system of care. It teaches about the skills needed to function effectively and safely in teams in a modern surgical environment, and how to apply human factors principles to the design of tasks, the assessment of equipment, and the measurement of human performance.

Offered by Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and the Department for Continuing Education’s CPD Centre, the taught week is led by Dr Ken Catchpole, Associate Director of Surgical Safety and Human Factors Research, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles. It features face-to-face lectures and tutorials in small groups. Teaching is delivered by members of the Quality, Reliability, Safety and Teamwork Unit research group, and invited speakers from other prestigious patient safety units.”

You might also be interested in the Horizon programme on human factors in healthcare showing tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC2: How to avoid mistakes in surgery.

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