Patient Safety resources – mailing lists (discussion and update-only) #ptsafety

These are several mailing lists for people interested in various aspects of patient safety, and human factors in a medical setting. If you know of others please let us know in the comments below.

1. Clinical Human Factors Group (UK based)
working with clinical professionals and managers to make healthcare safer

You can sign up to receive “regular (but not overloading) e-news bulletins about forthcoming events, emerging human factors news and progress on our manifesto aims.”

~”Our vision is of a healthcare system that places an understanding of human factors at the heart of improving clinical, managerial and organisational practice leading to significant improvements in safety and efficiency.”~
More from CHFG’s manifesto.

2. CHAIN (UK based)
Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network

There are several ‘CHAINs’ that people can sign up to – including the Safer Patients Network, to receive a low volume of targeted messages.

~”CHAIN is open to anyone working in health and social care, in the public, voluntary, educational or private sector. Members who work for a private sector organisation must agree not to use CHAIN for commercial purposes.“~

3. National Patient Safety FoundationPatientSafety-L (US based)

Join the 3,300+ subscribers on this patient safety discussion list

~”Patientsafety-L is a moderated LISTSERV (online discussion forum using e-mail) devoted to thoughtful conversation toward the development of a safer health care system. Participants in the NPSF patient safety LISTSERV represent diverse backgrounds and an impressive array of knowledge and experience. A variety of individuals, including patients and families, researchers, providers, administrators, and those in the boardroom, make up our LISTSERV community. It is our hope that participants will continue to raise important questions, address critical issues, and tackle significant problems related to patient safety. We appreciate your continued involvement in this discussion board.”~

4. Healthcare Technology Safety Institute (HSTI), part of the AAMI* Foundation (US based)
LinkedIn group

“This discussion group is an initiative of the AAMI Foundation’s Healthcare Technology Safety Institute. It is intended to provide a forum for advancing safety in healthcare technologies.  We welcome your contributions.
See ‘Group rules’ on the page for more information.

*Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

Further reading
Previously, on patient safety resources… current awareness / research scan updates

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