MHRA’s monthly list of Medical Device Alerts (MDAs) &sign up to receive MDAs by email from MHRA & FDA

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) publishes monthly Medical Device Alerts (MDAs) which includes a sign-up button on the page to receive alerts by email.

The agency’s latest PDF document (published 2 May 2013) has all the monthly MDAs published from January to April 2013.

They also have, from 2007, information on how to report a faulty medical device:

“The MHRA has produced this leaflet which is designed to highlight the dangers of faulty medical equipment and how people can report them. Faults can be reported by phone, e-mail or post. These are available from healthcare outlets, such as GPs’ surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals. The MHRA is working with community pharmacists, GPs and hospital out-patient departments to encourage public reporting and protect public health.

The MHRA handles 8,500 incidents related to faulty medical equipment annually, approximately 1,500 of which result in serious injury or death.”

Any member of the public can report a faulty device or problem, the MHRA’s telephone advice line for reporting a device-related problem is 020 3080 7080, or you can email them. For more general device enquiries ring 020 3080 6000.

For readers in the US the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also has an email signup to receive alerts on medical devices.


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