Patient Safety Resources – a new patient safety resource from the Health Foundation #ptsafety


The Health Foundation has a new resource for people interested in patient safety, details below, via CHAIN*.

The Health Foundation has launched a new online patient safety resource centre that provides fast, reliable access to accurate, up-to-date patient safety information for managers and healthcare professionals.

Find key research papers, national standards, implementation guidelines and specific patient safety case studies all in one place.

The resource centre currently focuses on three key areas: safety management, frail older people and diabetes.

Visit the patient safety resource centre:

Of particular interest and relevance to the CHI+MED project are the pages on technology and design, and human and organisational factors.

*CHAIN – the details above are taken from an email alert from the Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network (CHAIN) which is a free, moderated low-volume mailing list for people working in health and social care. They are also on Twitter, @CHAIN_Network

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