Human Factors ‘How to guide’ – resources from @ClinicalHF

The Clinical Human Factors Group (@ClinicalHF on Twitter) have published the second volume of their ‘How to’ guide to implementing human factors in healthcare. The first volume was published in 2009 – click on either of the pictures below to open the relevant PDF.

From the CHFG’s blog: “Volume 2 of Volume 2 of the “How to Guide” is published” (look out for the booklet on case studies and implementation tips too).


Volume 1: The ‘How to Guide’ for Implementing Human Factors in Healthcare


Volume 2: ‘Implementing human factors in healthcare – Taking further steps










Volume 2 – at a glance

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Human Factors in design
• Integrating Human factors into the design of medical devices and equipment
• Integrating human factors into the design of healthcare systems

Chapter 3: Human Factors and teamwork
• Enhancing teamwork through Human Factors based teamwork training
• Measuring non-technical skills like leadership, communication, situational awareness and teamwork

Chapter 4: Integrating Human Factors to improve the quality of incident investigation

Chapter 5: Understanding the human factors of non-compliance
• Learning From Non-Compliance With Healthcare Policies And Procedures
• Understanding ‘organisational drift’

Summary and conclusions





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