[Symposium, London] IEHF Healthcare SIG – Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety symposium, Mon 25 Nov 2013


The IEHF* healthcare SIG will host a Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety Symposium in London on Monday 25 November 2013.

CHI+MED’s Ann Blandford and Chris Vincent (from UCL) and Gerrit Niezen (from Swansea University) will also be presenting at the event. Gerrit will have a poster on “Modelling dynamic human-device interaction in healthcare” and Ann and Chris will be speaking, from 13.35 to 14.45pm.

Ann will focus on “the nature and causes for ‘gaps’ between the ways that devices are intended to be used and the ways that they are actually used in practice” and Chris will “describe the use of personas and scenarios to support multidisciplinary communication as part of a systems approach.”

Other speakers include surgeon Peter McCulloch and senior nurse Prof Jane Reid and there are eight presentations covering topics relating to human factors in healthcare.

For more details and to book tickets (cost £72 plus VAT) go to http://www.ergonomics-protects.org.uk/programme/, and please pass this link to any healthcare professional interested in healthcare human factors.

In addition to the three keynote speakers which include surgeon Peter McCulloch and the senior nurse Professor Jane Reid, there are eight presentations covering healthcare human factors topics.

IEHF = Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors
SIG = Special Interest Group

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