[London, talk, 20 Nov] Next Generation Medical Devices with Integrated Optical and Ultrasonic Sensors

The IBME (The Institute of Biomedical Engineering, at UCL) will be having its monthly seminar this Wednesday November 20th, 5pm, in the Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre (G06), Roberts Building, with Dr Adrien Desjardins discussing “Next Generation Medical Devices with Integrated Optical and Ultrasonic Sensors”. The talk will be followed by by nibbles/drinks and an opportunity to network.These talks are open to the public.

Dr Adrien Desjardins is a Lecturer in the Department of Medical Physics at UCL. He is a biophysicist and bioengineer with expertise in medical imaging and minimally invasive devices. He recently received a European Research Council Starting Grant and an EPSRC First Grant to develop a new platform for acquiring photoacoustic images during ultrasound-guided minimally invasive procedures.

Adrien will discuss recent advances in sensing techniques that have the potential to transform medical devices and image-guided interventions. Traditionally, medical devices such as needles and catheters have been passive conduits for accessing tissue targets. There is currently significant interest in the integration of miniature components that provide real-time information about the micro-structure and molecular composition of biological tissue. These new active medical devices provide information about patients that is critical to improve procedural outcomes, and they interact with image guidance modalities to increase procedural efficiencies. This talk will present a selection of developments underway at UCL, with a particular focus on techniques involving optical sensing and generation of ultrasound, photoacoustic imaging, medical device tracking, and optical spectroscopy.

Directions: the Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre (G06) is located on the ground floor of the Roberts Building. On entering the building from the main entrance (red box on map), go straight ahead into the main foyer. Walk past the stairs on your right and head towards the far right corner of the foyer. The Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre should now be straight ahead. Should you have any problems finding the lecture theatre, there is usually security at the front desk by the main entrance.

Click here for a hi-res map of the location, noting the red rectangle in section C5 which shows the building entrance: http://www.ibme.ucl.ac.uk/files/2013/05/map2_hi_res.jpg

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