Tweets from #IEHF – Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety event

The IEHF healthcare SIG hosted the Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety Symposium in London on Monday 25 November 2013. IEHF = Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors SIG = Special Interest Group.

Ann Blandford (@annblandford), Chris Vincent (@chris_vincent_1) and Gerrit Niezen (@gendor) from CHI+MED were speaking and presenting at the IEHF’s Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety one-day event. Below are some of the tweets from the day – thanks to Dr Pierre-Antoine Laloë for livetweeting the event.

(He popularised hand-washing, back in the 1800s)

The publication mentioned in the tweet above is our first technical report, by Chris Vincent and others on the CHI+MED team – Personas and scenarios (infusion devices). Our other technical publications (on Standards, and Number Entry Guidance) can be downloaded from the “CHI+MED: Publications for Industry” link below.


Errordiary’s running a competition to encourage people to understand that making mistakes (and preventing mistakes) is an everyday thing and that ‘more training’ is not always the correct response to an error – share your errors and error-avoiding resilience strategies on Twitter or on the Errordiary site and you could win prizes. More at the link below.


This post was first published as a Storify story ‘Tweets from #IEHF – Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety event‘; our other stories can be found on the CHI+MED profile page at Storify.



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