“Pathology results needing urgent action could be accidentally archived due to error in reporting system”

From a discussion on Patient Diagnostic Services, House of Commons debate, 4 November 2013, an example of potential medical error arising from what seems to be a software problem:

“The first indication that there was a problem came when a GP identified a serious technical flaw in the way patient test results were presented through the computerised system. The GP had received a list of multiple test results in respect of a patient. When looking at one set of results on the list and closing it or archiving it to the patient file, the GP realised that it was possible inadvertently to apply that same action to all the other test results returned on that list. Pathology results that required urgent action could be accidentally archived owing to an error in […the…] reporting system. Critical patient test results could be missed altogether or inappropriately actioned.”
Barry Gardiner (Brent North, Labour)

This text comes from TheyWorkForYou.com, which is a useful website for anyone interested in what gets discussed in Parliament. It provides an easy-to-search record and is also annotatable.






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