Good with numbers – can you make 952 from 3, 6, 25, 50, 75 & 100… in 30sec?

This is quite a surprising demonstration of numeric / mathematical skills!

In this old clip of the UK television programme Countdown contestants select six unseen numbers (they can choose from large numbers (eg 50, 100) as well as smaller ones (3, 7 etc) in any combination) then they add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers in any way they like to try and get to the target number, or as close as possible to it, within 30 seconds.

The target number in this clip is 952 and the available numbers are:

25   50   75   100   3    6

Your 30 seconds starts…. *now* (bet you don’t do it like this contestant does!).

Merry Christmas 🙂




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