CHI 2014: workshop on Human-Computer Interaction Research in Healthcare and two books for HCI Researchers

**Deadline extended to 22 January 2014**

Logo of conference workshop – workshop on Saturday 26 April 2014

Toronto skyline

The deadline for submissions for a CHI 2014 Theory Workshop “HCI Research in Healthcare: Using Theory from Evidence to Practice” to be held at CHI 2014 (Toronto, April 2014) has been extended to 22 January 2014.

“This workshop aims to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas with examples of current and emerging theory in HCI and healthcare. We aim to produce a journal special issue to map the state of the art in this area. This workshop builds on the successful CHI 2013 workshop: HCI Fieldwork in Healthcare: Creating a Graduate Guidebook. Here we brought together researchers to share experiences and expertise in carrying out healthcare fieldwork in both clinical and non-clinical settings and produced two edited volumes that will become available in the next few months.”

More information including how to submit case studies can be found at the page

Two edited volumes
Work following on from the 2013 workshop includes two books to be published later this year.

One is on Case Studies

“This book will contain a series of case studies from experienced researchers that have completed fieldwork studies in a variety of healthcare domains. Here researchers will share stories of success and failure, experiences and lessons learnt. These will include the details you don’t get from research papers; behind the scenes of the research studies.”

and another is a Guidance book

“The goal is to share the expertise and wisdom from seasoned researchers so others can learn from them. The book is aimed at the graduate researcher but it is likely to be more widely applicable as it will cover the following subjects: Ethical concerns, Establishing and maintaining relationships, Practicalities of data collection, Evaluation ‘in the wild’ and Providing impact.”



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