The @errordiary project gets a mention in Prof @Tony_Mann’s Gresham talk

The transcript of Prof Tony Mann’s talk “User error: why it’s not your fault” given at Gresham College (on Monday 20 Jan 2014) is now available, and includes a mention of our Errordiary project.

“Before I finish, I should mention a project which aims to develop our understanding of human error and to share the resilience strategies that help us avoid simple mistakes.  This is the Errordiary – – where anyone can post about their blunders, and discuss ways to avoid repeating the mistakes.  Use the Twitter tag #errordiary to report your failures, and search for the tag to be entertained and instructed by those of other people!”

Hooray 🙂

Tony also shared some of his own frustrating errors:

“…So computers give us huge power.  Yet it often seems that, more so than many other technologies, they bring with them immense frustration too.  We have all struggled to negotiate computerised ticket machines, set a wake-up alarm on a mobile or navigate a confusing website.  As I was preparing this talk, I opened up the software Adobe Acrobat when I intended to open Adobe Photoshop, then cursed, closed it down and did exactly the same thing again!)  Many of us have failed to save the final version of a document or have deleted the wrong file.  I regularly send emails to colleagues minus the attachment which was the sole purpose of sending the email (and I am far from being alone in this habit).  Thanks to the wonders of auto-complete, I have on occasion sent emails to the wrong person, and thanks to predictive text, some of my text messages have baffled the recipient.  (I may be a mathematician, but I don’t think that is a good enough reason for my phone to change “beer” to “adds” in a text I sent recently.)…”

More information on the talk, and on CHI+MED in our previous post:
[London, talk, free] User error: why it’s not your fault | Gresham College



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