Swansea: come and help create a prototype health app for people with high blood pressure

MoSeMa: a Mobile-based Self-Management intervention for people with high blood pressure -invitation to take part in some workshops to develop a prototype health app.


CHI+MED researchers from Swansea are inviting healthcare practitioners and people who have high blood pressure (hypertension) to come along to a series of workshops, as paid participants*, and work with designers to create a prototype (ie non-functional) mobile phone app. The app’s design is intended to help people with hypertension manage their lifestyle and encourage them to adopt healthy behaviours. Although there won’t be time to create a fully working app, some of the designs will be further developed into functional applications for testing later in the year.

The series of workshops will also help our researchers develop best practice of involving non-researchers in co-designing prototypes as well as the evaluation framework of the prototypes. In addition to group discussion, workshop activities will include drawings and designs, role-playing, and making decisions about the processes through various techniques, such as card-sorting – these will generate outputs that the researchers will use for further study.

If you’d like to know more, please have a look at the project’s website or contact one of the Swansea researchers – Karen Li on Yunqiu.Li@swansea.ac.uk

Full project name: Participatory Design Workshop Series on Developing Mobile-based Self-Management Intervention for Hypertension Patients (MoSeMa)
When: May to July 2014
Where: Future Interaction Technology Laboratory, Swansea University
More info: http://cs.swan.ac.uk/~csyl/MoSeMa/web/workshops.html

The project is also advertised on the TechHealth Institute pages

*Participants/collaborators are required to commit to at least 3 workshops. You will be paid a £20 Amazon voucher for every workshop attended. (At the end of the workshop series, you should have £60 Amazon vouchers in total.)

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