Can you do this drug calculation?

Here is the sort of calculation that some nurses do everyday.

In this example a patient needing chemotherapy medication is to be given the drug fluorouracil over a period of several days via an infusion pump. The pump will gradually deliver the medicine at a steady rate, and this rate needs to be entered into the pump by the nurse. What rate should the nurse use?

“A patient is to be given 5,250 mg fluorouracil at a concentration of 45.57 mg per mL over 4 days. What is the rate in mL per hour needed to program the patient’s infusion pump?

In a typical hospital environment these numbers have to be picked out from a complex background of pharmaceutical data printed 
on a drug label (see Figure 1). Poor information design makes the nurses’ task harder.”

Figure 1

Answer will be posted tomorrow… but do leave your thoughts in the comments.



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2 Responses to Can you do this drug calculation?

  1. The answer is on the label under the rate section – 1.2 mL/hr

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