CHI+MED’s Swansea team have won the GE Healthcare Award for Outstanding Impact in Health and Wellbeing

Congratulations to Prof Harold Thimbleby and the CHI+MED project team who won the GE Healthcare Award at the 2014 Swansea University Impact Awards. The awards ‘celebrate the breadth and depth of the impact of the University’s research’ and the winners received their awards at an event on 19 June 2014.

GE Healthcare award winner

“Approximately 10% of deaths due to preventable errors in hospitals are due to computational errors. Corresponding implications on the healthcare system are estimated to cost the NHS over £600m per annum. Research into the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) issues behind medical error has led to a changing of attitude and practice within the healthcare procurement system, and a better understanding of the need to procure safer devices for hospitals.

A substantial body of research developed by Professor Harold Thimbleby in the field of healthcare technology aims to reduce the likelihood of human error in the use of medical devices, leading to improved quality and delivery of healthcare and significant reduction in patient harm.

The research has earned global recognition, leading to strong links and research collaboration with international partners such as the US Food and Drug Administration, the leading regulator in the States, who have started to co-author papers with Swansea. As all healthcare manufacturers carefully monitor the FDA to assess forthcoming regulation, this collaboration will yield significant further impacts.”
Contribution to Improvements in Patient Safety through Computer-Human Interaction for Medical Devices

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Impact Award – winners
The full list of winners is below and you can read more about the different projects in the  Impact Awards Winners Brochure

The Bridging the Gaps Award for Outstanding Excellence in Public Engagement, presented by Andrea Buck, Bridging the Gaps

The Parthian and Library of Wales Award for Outstanding Impact in Culture, the Arts, and Sport, presented by Richard Davies, Parthian Books and Library of Wales

The Age UK Award for Outstanding Impact in Public Policy and Services, presented by Libby Archer, Age Uk

The TATA Steel Award for Outstanding Impact in Commerce and Industry, presented by Martin Brunnock, TATA Steel

The GE Healthcare Award for Outstanding Impact in Health and Wellbeing, presented by Justin John, GE Healthcare

The BLOODHOUND Award for Outstanding Breakthrough in Research, presented by Richard Noble, BLOODHOUND SSC

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