Are you using health apps to manage your #diabetes? What do you think of them?

CHI+MED is interested in the safety and usability of interactive medical devices but we’re also interested in how people are using health apps (typically the sort of thing you’d have on a smartphone) which may or may not be defined as a medical device. We have a student working at UCL who is investigating what people think of the apps that they use to manage their diabetes. There’s a survey (link below) that will help this research, which is aiming to improve the design of this type of technology – if you use health apps to manage diabetes (or if you avoid them) please take part.

“If you are an adult with diabetes or have been told that you are at risk of developing diabetes, please take part in this online survey about the software applications you currently use for your health and wellbeing. Even if you do not currently use these applications we are interested in your opinions on this topic. Taking part in this survey will help us to understand your needs and preferences so that the design of applications can be improved in the future.”

Who’s the survey for?
Adults with any type of diabetes (or those who’ve been told they’re at risk of developing diabetes).

Who’s not suitable?
People under the age of 18 (this includes adults who are caring for young people with diabetes).

Tablet computer with the hand and a red apple on the screen

What’s a health ‘app’?
Any health-related software application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. We’re interested in ones that people use to manage diabetes directly (such as those supporting blood glucose monitors) but also to manage diabetes indirectly (such as fitness or wellbeing apps).

The survey
Please take the diabetes apps survey. People taking part have the option of leaving a contact email to receive information about the survey once it’s finished (any identifying information will be removed). If a paper is published from the work this will be made freely available on the publications page of the CHI+MED website and, where people have provided an email address, we’ll let them know about it.

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