Medical devices and Human-Computer Interaction – one day tutorial at #NordiCHI2014, w CHI+MED

On Sunday 26 October researchers from CHI+MED will run a full day tutorial on Medical devices and human-computer interaction as part of the NordiCHI 2014 conference taking place in Helsinki (from 26-30 October 2014).

Click to visit the NordiCHI 2014 tutorials page

Gerrit Niezen, Karen Li, Patrick Oladimeji and Huawei Tu (from Swansea University), Paolo Masci (QMUL) and Jo Iacovides (from UCL) will give presentations and demonstrations on safer user design. Hands-on activities will give those attending an opportunity to play with some interesting gadgets.

“Novel touch screen-based interface prototypes for number entry will be available for participants to experiment and play with. The interfaces benefit from combining output display and input control in the same UI element, and explore different ways of visualising number and digits within numbers.

Hands-on activities also include experimenting with the e-Health Shield, an expansion board for the Arduino prototyping platform to perform different kinds of clinical measurements, for example ECG (Electrocardiogram) and pulse oximetry (SpO2). Participants will explore different ways of visualising and interacting the – data coming from the sensors with physical computing widgets, including LED matrices, LCD displays and rotary wheel encoders. These clinical measurement data can also be visualised on the touch screen-based interfaces and designed to be easier for non-clinicians to make sense of the data.”

Intended Audience
HCI practitioners, interaction and UX (user experience) designers, software developers and engineers interested in the design of user interfaces for medical devices.

Prerequisites, level

  • Interest in the medical/healthcare domain and user interface design.
  • Some programming experience will be useful, but not essential.
  • No previous experience with electronics or hardware is required.

Find out more at the tutorial page, you can also follow the conference tweets tagged with #NordiCHI2014



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