Habit-forming: don’t forget to take your pills, and how do you remember them?

Update – now with added video, see below (at end)

Walgreens Pill Reminder #shop

An example of a smartphone pill reminder app, from Krystal B on Flickr

Katarzyna Stawarz, a PhD student from UCLIC (UCL Interaction Centre), has been investigating the way in which smartphone apps can help people to form habits that help them remember to take their medication.

She gave a talk last week at Health Informatics Scotland (in Edinburgh) at the “eHealth, medication management and implications for health and social care integration” event on 22 August 2014. Below are some of the tweets that Maria Wolters shared about her talk.





Katarzyna’s particularly interested in people who are taking preventive medicine, such as the contraceptive pill – a situation where “remembering is often more difficult, because they don’t have symptoms, don’t have to change their whole life, and they don’t self-identify with the illness (because there’s no illness!)” – how do those people remember?

Here’s a video of Katarzyna’s talk: http://www.video3uk.com/ospcast.aspx?eid=ECRn17LrXw52

Further reading
Stawarz, K. (2013). How existing technology supports remembering oral contraception. Talk presented at CHI+MED Doctoral Consortium, UCL, June 2013.

Stawarz, K., & Cox, A. L. (2013). How technology supporting daily habits could help women remember oral contraception. Paper presented at the Workshop on Habits in HCI at BCS-HCI 2013, London, September 2013





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