NICE has two consultations on medicines (optimisation; care homes)

NICE (the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence) has a couple of consultations that may be of interest to readers of the CHI+MED blog. Details below and you can also sign up to receive notification of NICE’s other newsletters and alerts.

Click on the picture below to jump straight to the consultation document or on the linked title to visit the landing page with other information and how to register as an interested stakeholder.

MedOptimisationMedicines optimisation: guideline consultation

“Take a look at the draft recommendations for medicines optimisation. Comment on the guideline which includes recommendations around identifying, reporting and learning from medicines-related patient safety incidents, medication review, self-management plans, and patient and clinical decision support.”

Consultation closes: 7 November 2014

Managing medicines in care homes: quality standard consultation

“NICE is developing a quality standard on managing medicines in care homes. Have your say on the 9 draft quality statements that care homes should address if they are to provide residents with high quality care.”

Consultation closes: 7 November 2014

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