Patient Safety resources online – and how you can add yours, via @CHAIN_Network #ptsafety #patientsafety

Heading Home...?

Patient safety – hopefully at the forefront of everyone’s mind…

There are over 2,000 subscribers to the Patient Safety sub-group of CHAIN (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network, it’s free to join) and CHAIN has taken the opportunity to (a) highlight resources that are already available on this topic and (b) to invite members of the group to suggest other resources and also to suggest the group to colleagues.

Here’s their recent email, with info at the end on how you can get involved.

“…many of you will have identified or contributed to relevant information in the course of your work which could be extremely valuable to other members of the sub-group. The purpose of this message is to ask you if you have encountered any material available on the web which has been helpful to you, please let us know, and we will alert other sub-group members to it, and put a link to it from the sub-group’s ‘resources’ section on the CHAIN website ( also take a look at the existing list of useful resources we have posted there).

Additionally, if you have knowledge of helpful material which has not already been published on the web, please let us know, and we will endeavour to ask the author(s) for permission to make it available. Finally, if you and/or your colleagues have or been involved in producing written material on the subject of patient safety yourselves which you would be willing to share with other members of the sub-group, please let us have it and we will post it on the website. Hopefully this sharing of intelligence and effort will add value to all members of the sub-group and enable us to learn from one another, reducing needless duplication of effort.

If you are able to respond to this request in any of the ways described, or if you have other suggestions as to ways in which the sub-group could support its members, please simply reply to this e-mail.

Please also feel free to pass on the CHAIN information to any of your colleagues/contacts who may be interested in joining CHAIN and the patient safety s/g.  They can register via:

You can contact CHAIN on:

CHAINContact, Help, Advice and Information Network – is an online international network for people working in health and social care. For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website:

Follow CHAIN on Twitter @CHAIN_Network, on Facebook and on LinkedIn

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