[mini post] An accident waiting to happen – a potentially dangerous road crossing

In this YouTube video, tweeted by Mattturner86, a road crossing indicator is shown turning to green indicating to pedestrians that it is safe to cross. However the indicator is actually referring to a different road which is next to the one the person is intending to cross.

While the new style of crossing might arguably be safer once everyone has become used to how it works (after all it forces the person crossing to look in the direction of the oncoming traffic at least, rather than across the road) there’s currently quite a lot of potential for confusion, and possibly injury, if someone happens to be looking at the “it’s safe to cross” information intended for a different road.

In case the embedded tweet and video (link) don’t show up on your browser the text of the tweet says “Somone is going to die on this pedestrian crossing. Incredibly dangerous location of green man light.” and the YouTube video is separately embedded below.

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