How to report a problem with a medical device, in the UK

Last night I went to see a screening of Casino Royale which, despite the violence and shoot-out mayhem, is fantastically good fun.

Without wishing to give away plot spoilers there’s a scene in which a life-saving medical device fails to work, for the very simple reason that one bit gets disconnected from another bit. Fortunately disaster is averted as someone is able to reconnect the bits in time – hooray.

There can be problems with devices for all sorts of reasons, and with medicines too. People might get the wrong dose (or the wrong medication) and it’s important to know that anyone can report a problem to the MHRA (the regulatory agency that handles medicines and devices) using the ‘Yellow card’ scheme which works for drugs or devices. You don’t need to be a doctor or healthcare professional to fill in a form.

More information at how to Report a problem with a medicine or medical device, with additional information for those in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Here’s what the MHRA yellow card page looks like:


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