FDA warns about cybersecurity re: hacking risk for hospital infusion pump

From the FDA’s Safety Communication updates (click to subscribe)

“Today [31 July 2015] the FDA issued a Safety Communication on cybersecurity vulnerabilities of the Hospira Symbiq Infusion System.

Hospira and an independent researcher confirmed that it is possible to access the Symbiq Infusion System remotely through a hospital’s network. This could allow unauthorized users to control the infusion pump and change the dosage it delivers, potentially leading to over- or under-infusion of critical patient therapies.

The FDA and Hospira are not aware of any patient adverse events or unauthorized access of a Symbiq Infusion System in a health care setting. Health care facilities can reduce the risk of unauthorized access by transitioning to an alternative infusion pump and implementing recommendations from the FDA Safety Communication.”

“The Food and Drug Administration said Friday it’s the first time it has warned caregivers to stop using a product because of a cybersecurity risk.” Modern Healthcare article

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