Workshop at #OzCHI – SmartHealth: 7th International Workshop on Technologies for Health and Wellbeing

There’s a call for papers (submission date 28 August 2015) for the SmartHealth workshop that’s taking place on 7 December as part of OzCHI 2015, Australia’s annual conference on Human-Computer Interaction, to be held in Melbourne between 7th and 10th December 2015.

“An abundance of health-oriented technologies is becoming available to the public. Yet researchers suspect that many may be medically ineffective, poor in usability, or insufficiently engaging to maintain use over time. Thus to create effective health technologies, it is claimed that collaboration between health and technology researchers is essential. But how should this collaboration proceed? Researchers and practitioners working at the intersection of HCI and health are invited to join this one-day workshop where attendees will share experiences and attempt to articulate how a cross-disciplinary collaboration can best proceed.”

For more details see the link above, and the full workshop proposal.

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