[Free, London] The magic of {Christmas} Computer Science – magic show for secondary schools

Thanks to support from the IET, CHI+MEDics Profs Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan will be hosting a magic show for secondary school-aged children and teenagers (and their brothers & sisters, parents & grandparents, guardians, friends, teachers etc) in the Great Hall of the People’s Palace on Mile End Road on Wednesday 2 December 2015. It’s free.

Both Peter and Paul have used magic in talks to illustrate CHI+MED themes, drawing parallels between algorithms and magic tricks but also highlighting user / audience experience. A magician wants their audience to get something wrong or fail to spot something, so that the trick will fool them. By contrast medical device designers need to make sure that their audience (device users) don’t miss a thing, to keep their patients safe.

Come and enjoy a free talk about the hidden magic behind computer science. There’ll be mince pies too.

The magic of {Christmas} Computer Science

The Magic of {Christmas} Computer Science – click for a free ticket
Peter McOwan and Paul Curzon
The Great Hall at The People’s Palace, QMUL, Mile End Road (bus stop D, short walk from Stepney Green tube station)
Doors 5pm, lecture starts at 5.30
[More information] [Event flyer] [Free tickets]

magic of computer science flyer

Here’s a picture of the Engineering Building (next door to the People’s Palace) looking very pleased to be promoting the event.

2015-11-10 20.05.06

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