Errordiary is about sharing errors so people can think about human error in a new way.

We already know that the same psychological principles lie behind everyday errors and those errors of a more serious nature. Whether they are funny, frustrating or fatal depends on the context.

“Wrapped pass-the-parcel for 8yr olds bash [birthday party]. Realise used newspaper w image of gaddafi’s bloodied corpse #partyfail #errordiary”
Error from @ccidental

“Cop wants to taser suspect, pulls out gun instead, shoots him dead. #errordiary #setphasertostun http://t.co/bUhhKnaf
Error from @mhilde

Whatever context you find yourself  in you can share your errors via Twitter using the hashtag #errordiary. You can also favourite and comment on the ones already displayed on this site. Reflecting on the errors we make may lead to insights, which can be used to develop a more detailed understanding of their causes.

We’re also developing Errordiary teaching materials for students on human-computer interaction and ergonomics courses.

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