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[Video] Medical Device Training: User interfaces, design issues, and avoiding medical error

Medical Device Training Design Issues in Medical User Interfaces Dr Paolo Masci from Queen Mary University of London has put together this training video (based on a seminar), for medical device designers and hospital-based device users, to demonstrate how problems … Continue reading

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Good with numbers – can you make 952 from 3, 6, 25, 50, 75 & 100… in 30sec?

This is quite a surprising demonstration of numeric / mathematical skills! In this old clip of the UK television programme Countdown contestants select six unseen numbers (they can choose from large numbers (eg 50, 100) as well as smaller ones (3, … Continue reading

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For those not at #chi2013 – watch the preview videos at home, via @paulesque and @kurtluther

Some enterprising fans of the #chi2013 conference have made it easy for ‘tele-delegates’ (those following along at home) to watch the video previews for the presentations via Ustream. “Feeling lonely? You don’t have to be in Paris to experience CHI. … Continue reading

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“How to avoid mistakes in surgery” Horizon programme about human factors available on YouTube, or from BBC Active

The information in this post comes from the Clinical Human Factors Group’s newsletter, and is also available on their news pages – How to avoid mistakes in surgery. Martin Bromiley wrote on his blog about approaching Dr Kevin Fong a … Continue reading

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Avoiding death by computer – Harold Thimbleby’s talk (video or audio) at Gresham College

“One of the reasons why people make mistakes is that the systems they use are badly designed, and this is perhaps nowhere more alarming than in hospital errors involving drug delivery systems. This talk reviews a well-documented, but otherwise typical, … Continue reading

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