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Call for submissions – we’re having a symposium on interactive medical devices in Reading (UK) in June

Patient Safety with Interactive Medical Devices: a multi-disciplinary symposium Reading, UK; 24th–25th June 2015 http://www.chi-med.ac.uk/symposium2015/ The aim of the symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of patient safety and interactive medical devices (for example … Continue reading

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Patient Safety resources online – and how you can add yours, via @CHAIN_Network #ptsafety #patientsafety

There are over 2,000 subscribers to the Patient Safety sub-group of CHAIN (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network, it’s free to join) and CHAIN has taken the opportunity to (a) highlight resources that are already available on this topic and … Continue reading

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NICE has two consultations on medicines (optimisation; care homes)

NICE (the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence) has a couple of consultations that may be of interest to readers of the CHI+MED blog. Details below and you can also sign up to receive notification of NICE’s other newsletters … Continue reading

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Near misses and medical error – how a systems approach can change safety culture (short video)

Annie’s Story: How A Systems Approach Can Change Safety Culture from MedStar Health. Here’s a short video that nicely illustrates how a systems approach can be more effective in improving patient safety. A patient’s blood glucose level was actually extremely … Continue reading

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“…imagine then being charged (with) manslaughter for a drug error…”

This is a 31 minute YouTube video from the Risky Business conference highlighting the story of Julie, a nurse, and what happened after she connected a patient to the wrong drug infusion pump. The patient died and Julie lost her … Continue reading

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