CHI+MED has developed and curated a variety of resources for members of the public and teaching materials suitable for use in schools or universities. These look at different aspects of our work such as number entry (entering numbers correctly into medical devices and how the different ways in which the devices are designed can make this easier, or harder) and human error (even with the best training you can never completely avoid making a mistake).

Anyone is welcome to use these teaching and engagement resources – we’d love to hear how you use them (

For everyone
Aimed at a wide audience our videos show different aspects of the work that we’re doing on CHI+MED. If you’re looking for some fun short videos that can help explain ICT or computer science concepts such as principles of good design and the types of errors that people make when using machines then have a look at the CHI+MED videos on our YouTube channel. We’ve also favourited other people’s videos and collected them together here.

You might also like our dedicated “Making medical devices safer” section on the cs4fn (computer science for fun) website which has quizzes and games suitable for schools.

For schools and teachers
We run free magic shows that support computer science curriculum learning and there are printable quizzes too.
Magic shows (opens in new window)
Quizzes (opens in new window)

For university students and lecturers
We also have resources for those studying human-computer interaction at university.
Errordiary (opens in new window)
Digital stories (opens in new window)

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