Below we highlight some of our research and public engagement activities.

CHI+MED is a project involving researchers from four universities (City University, Queen Mary University of London, Swansea University and UCL) working with healthcare professionals from two hospitals (Royal Free and Singleton Hospitals). We also work with lots of other stakeholders in the UK and abroad.

Upcoming activities

15 May and 4 June 2014
Chris Vincent (UCL) is speaking at MEDTEC UK and MEDTEC Europe on human factors and usability testing of medical devices.

Archive of some of our previous activities

11 February 2014
Harold Thimbleby (Swansea University) will be speaking at the Museum of London about “Designing IT to make healthcare safer“.

10 December 2013
Paul Lee (Singleton Hospital and NAMDET Chair) and Harold Thimbleby (Swansea University) spoke at NAMDET’s Plugging the gaps in device governance and training event in London.

25 November 2013
Ann Blandford and Chris Vincent (both UCL) gave talks, and Gerrit Niezen (Swansea University) presented a poster, at the IEHF Patient & Healthcare Provider Safety Symposium in London.

9 September 2013
Harold Thimbleby (Swansea University) delivered the keynote address at ICHI 2013 on “Improving safety in medical devices and systems” and design-induced errors.

6 September 2013
Paolo Masci (Queen Mary, University of London) gave a talk at NIA/NASA Langley on “Model-based development of the generic PCA infusion pump user interface in PVS

21 June 2013
Sarah Wiseman’s (UCL) paper “Designing devices with the task in mind: Which numbers are really used in hospitals?” was commended by the Faculty of 1000, this paper also made it to the top three for the HFES Prize and we blogged about it here.

24 June 2013
Abigail Cauchi’s (Swansea University) poster “Using Differential Formal Analysis for dependable number entry” won best presentation at the joint IEHF / CHI+MED Doctoral Consortium at UCL.

24 June 2013
Dom Furniss and Jonathan Back (both UCL) ran a workshop on “Resilience Markers Framework: Identifying resilience strategies at the individual and team level” at the 5th Symposium on Resilience Engineering.

2nd July 2013
Kathy Stawarz (UCL) gave a presentation on errors and resilience strategies in the use of medicine at a workshop investigating “How to improve medicines for older people”.

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