[London] NAMDET 2013 (#MedicalDevice Education) conference: Plugging the Gaps in Device Governance & Training – 10 December 2013

**EVENT in DECEMBER 2013 for medical device trainers**

NAMDET (the National Association of Medical Device Trainers and Educators) is holding a one-day conference “Plugging the gaps in device governance and training” on 10 December 2013 in London. More at http://namdet2013.publicsectorconnect.org/Harold Thimbleby (one of CHI+MED’s Principal Investigators, Swansea University) and Paul Lee (Singleton Hospital and member of CHI+MED’s Advisory Group) will both be speaking at this event.

NAMDET (The National Association of Medical Devices Educators and Trainers) will host its annual conference and exhibition on 10 December 2013. Anyone involved with medical device education and training is welcome.


CHI+MED’s Harold Thimbleby from Swansea University is giving a talk at the event at 10am on “‘Knobs, whistles and buttons’ – human interactions with medical devices”, Paul Lee (a member of CHI+MED’s advisory group) is giving the Chair’s welcome and opening address at 9.30am.

Please use the links below to find out more:

Event information | Event timetable / programme | Delegate rates

Paul Lee and Harold Thimbleby co-authored this paper with Frankie Thompson, on infusion pump error logs, which was published last year in the BJN.

Paul Lee, Frankie Thompson and Harold Thimbleby (2012). Analysis of infusion pump error logs and their significance for health care. British Journal of Nursing (Intravenous Supplement), 21(8), S12-S20.

Details of the following paper added to this post on 5 December 2013
Carlos Monroy Aceves, Patrick Oladimeji, Harold Thimbleby and Paul Lee (2013). Are prescribed infusions running as intended? Quantitative analysis of log files from infusion pumps used in a large acute NHS hospital. British Journal of Nursing, 22(14): CareFusion supplement, 15–21.

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